Public Procurement

AG Advokat’s Public Procurement Group has extensive knowledge and experience in public procurement of services, goods and construction works. This, in combination with the firm’s specialist expertise in construction- and real estate law, and our vast knowledge of the construction and real estate sectors, gives us a unique edge.

We regularly advise on public procurement of construction works in various forms. At AG Advokat, the Public Procurement Group often cooperates with colleagues in other teams who specialize in construction contracts and real estate transactions.

We provide ongoing legal advice to both contracting authorities/entities and tenderers throughout the tender process, from the initial phase of the procurement to the final stage of the contract term. Furthermore, we assist our clients in appeals and claims for damages under the Swedish Public Procurement Act (LOU) and the Act on Public Procurement in the Utilities Sector (LUF) following tender processes – mainly in the construction- or real estate sector, but also in other unrelated procurement areas.