AG Advokat is Sweden’s leading construction and consulting law firm, providing advice on a wide range of projects – from major international infrastructure and construction ventures to domestic house building projects.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the sector and are familiar with every aspect of the construction process – from zoning plans all the way to occupancy or sale. We advise in disputes, and draft contracts and tender documents for both property owners and construction companies. We are also engaged to develop and revise various standard agreements for the sector, which gives us even greater insight, benefiting our clients in the construction industry in each project we work on.

Construction agreements

The firm’s contract group drafts contracts linked to the construction sector’s standard agreements. Primarily, our lawyers will focus on proactive contract work where they assist clients with establishing and negotiating traditional construction contracts (including administrative instructions), partnering/collaboration contracts, project agreements between building developers and other related agreements.

As part of the contract work, the group often assists clients with drafting tailor-made contract templates for the client’s own procurement and tendering. The group also assists with contract management and provides support regarding ongoing follow-up and risk management.

Construction disputes

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