AG Advokat rankas av Legal 500

Legal 500 har nyligen publicerat 2021 års ranking av Europas ledande advokatbyråer. AG Advokat rankas återigen högt inom kärnområdena Real Estate, Construction och Public Procurement.

Det internationella rankinginstitutet Legal 500 har sedan mer än 30 år analyserat och rankat advokatbyråer världen över. Utöver AG Advokats ranking inom flera verksamhetsområden rekommenderas många av byråns jurister. Partnern Johan Lindberg ingår i Legal 500:s Hall of Fame, partnern Håkan Bjerle utmärks som ”Leading Individual” och partnern Anders Skägg rankas som en ”Next Generation Partner”.

En stor del av Legal 500:s research kommer från intervjuer med klienter. I år har bland annat detta sagts om AG Advokat:

Real Estate (Tier 2)

‘I go to AG’s real estate team because they have the experience and expertise required for matters of a more complex nature. They are strong when it comes to complex cross-border/multiple jurisdiction real estate matters including transactions.’

Construction (Tier 2)

‘They have a thorough knowledge of the construction sector and in-depth experience of implementing new ideas and structures into the construction contracts which gives a competitive edge in relation to other real estate companies and decreases the risk of in vain costs in the case of termination of contracts. Furthermore, the team consists of several ambitious and impeccable members who are good at picking up the general and specific intentions that we as a client have and is able to convert those into applicable contract texts without long discussions and a lot of corrections. Their work is in general very efficient compared to many other firms.’

Public Procurement (Tier 3)

‘Viktoria Edelman and Anna Brengesjö are extremely competent in the area of public procurement, and also have an ability to give concise and clear advice that is solution-driven yet legally secure. High service level, good collaboration between the people in the team.’

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